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CAPA software Corrective and Preventive Action

Have a Corrective and Preventive Action in place with CAPA Software Systems

PRRQuest: Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA Software Systems) NonconformancesPRRQuest

Problem Reporting and Resolution - simple and effective CAPA Management Systems


It is estimated from our client base using the PRRQuest Module that there is a 55% of reduction of effort related to handling “things that go wrong”

The following value to the organization is realized as a result of the PRRQuest Module.

Increase the likelihood of problems being reported

  • Motivate your workforce to WANT to report problems effortlessly.
  • Increase the actual number of problems that get reported
    • Ever worry that problems occur in the organization but do not get reported?
      • Because of the “hassle” to initiate the report?
      • Because the report is ignored, lost or gets buried when issued by diligent employees?
  • Provide closed loop communications to the initiators of NCRs and CARs

 Define the ownership for problem resolution

  • Often the ownership for problem resolution is poorly defined in organizations. Using ISOQuest, you choose to have the “level of centralized or de-centralized” ownership of problems and resolutions
    • Central corrective action coordination role leading to effective resolutions
    • De-centralized ownership of corrective actions (responsible management level) with oversight effort at the “Quality Office” leading to effective resolutions.

 Define the Resolution Templates for each Problem Type

  • Containment and Counter measures – problem disposition
  • Internal Corrective Action
  • Supplier Portal - Supplier CARs and other responses
  • Customer Portal
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes

Often the ownership for problem resolution is poorly defined in organizations. Using ISOQuest, you choose to have the “level of centralized or de-centralized” ownership of problems and resolutions

Effectively “task” the organization when working on problem resolution.

  • Automatically inform employees, customers and suppliers (optionally) of tasks they have been assigned.
  • Get value from ISOQuest’s ETM – Enterprise Task Manager
    • Manage your tasks required of you by the e-QMS.
    • Get notified when tasks are overdue.

Using the Customer/Supplier Portal - “external user” feature, get your customers, suppliers involved in problem reporting and resolution

  • Imagine the scenario: Issue a nonconformance report to your supplier. The supplier is automatically informed on the nonconformance and logs into ISOQuest in a secured way. The supplier issues immediate containment actions and raises a CAR. The Supplier CAR plan is sent to you for approval. You and the supplier work collaboratively on the same report – eliminating bureaucratic non-value adding faxing, e-mailing, voice mails, etc.

Reduce administrative cycle time from Report Initiation to Effective Closure

  • Improve the communications, approval, documentation, team work and administration related to problem reporting and resolution leading to reduced cycle time from initiation to closure. Explore the Running clock feature from problem initiation to closure.

Monitor the Costs of Poor Quality from Problem Initiation to Closure

  • Track costs all the way for each problem resolution step

Find problem reports faster online. Work the PRR Knowledgebase.

  • Locate documents rapidly based on defined criteria

Effortlessly report on the history of previous reports

  • Improve organizational intelligence using ISOQuest (IQ) reporting capabilities
  • ERM – Enterprise Reporting Manager
Client Testimonials
  • I am personally very pleased with ISOQuest, and with the responsiveness with which you have made changes requested by us.
    The feedback from users has been consistently positive.

    Robin Dhillon
    Manager, PMCC and ISO Quality Office
    BMO (Bank of Montreal)

  • GQI has exceeded our expectations in every way. Their customer support is outstanding and the software is maintenance free, our IT department calls it "Hands Off" software. The Quality Assurance Group is now able to focus on the content of the system rather than upkeep and trouble shooting.

    Frederick Smith
    Quality Engineer
    H. C. Starck Inc.

  • The ISOQuest software is invaluable to our company in maintaining our QS9000 certification. It has become the backbone in our quality system. The documentation control, internal audit, and non-conformance/corrective action/preventative action modules have proven to be particularly effective. The software is easy to use, intuitive, and because of this, accepted throughout the company.

    Paul Roppel
    Quality Manager
    DMC-2 Canada Corp.

  • Based on our evaluations and risk assessments, ISOQuest was the best fit for our company.
    Since we have installed ISOQuest at our facility, our document control system has received commendations in ISO and Safety audits on its use at all levels of our facility, ease of access of procedures and detailed training records for employees.

    Ralph M Stevens
    Training Coordinator
    CYRO Industries

  • ISOQuest is one of the best multifunctional, integrated packages for QA and related tools. The integration and the high automatic features make this an exceptional package for any company.

    Ivan Brinovcar
    QS 9000 Management Representative
    General Seating of Canada

  • While other products appeared to adequately meet our needs, we felt that ISOQuest would best meet our needs in the areas of user interface, functionality, cost, training and support – and GQI has delivered.
    ISO Quest played a major role in helping us obtain ISO 9002 certification in a very short timeframe. However, software alone does not make a complete quality system. The technical support and training that was provided by GQI was also fundamental in our success. Not only were we able to achieve ISO 9002 certification, but I believe that we now have in place a top notch quality system that will enable us to maintain this preferred status.

    Richard D. Nelson
    The Electron Corp.

  • We found GQI’s ISOQuest software was closest in meeting our requirements for complete management of the documents and training, ease of use, document linking, and pricing for site use, set-up, training and maintenance.
    The installation and training were well received. Personnel who attended training could immediately see the benefits of the ISOQuest system versus the current paper system. We are very pleased with how ISOQuest is working.

    Linda Dodd
    QA Manager
    Leiner-Davis Gelatin

  • ISOQuest has reduced the costs of maintaining our quality system while at the same time improving it. In my department alone, the software has allowed my Quality System Administrator to assume additional tasks as she now longer is required to devote all of her time to quality system maintenance. Also, the ease of use has allowed all departments to utilize the ISOQuest software to enhance their area of the quality system, involving our overall quality without significant investment.

    Paul Roppel
    Quality Manager
    DMC-2 Canada Corp.

  • The service provided by GQI is impeccable. From initial training and setup, to integration with our networks, to additional specialized programming, GQI personnel have be professional and have worked closely with DMC-2 personnel to ensure the success of the ISOQuest software.

    Paul Roppel
    Quality Manager
    DMC-2 Canada Corp.

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