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ISOQuest Release Notes Ver

ISOQuest Release Notes Ver - Changes

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 1:44:21 AM



  • The external notifiers field is now available for selection in the Issued documents views. Note: based on SharePoint design, multi-value fields cannot be sorted. We have included this field for display with the capability for  “filtering” only with the sorting disabled.
  • The search behavior is improved. Changes were made so that the enter key will execute the search function. In earlier versions, users were required to hit the “search button/magnifier glass”. This improvement was identified by some users who are not familiar with the “magnifier glass” as a standard for search operations.
  • The approval workflow task has been improved with a re-label of the [Edit] button. It has been relabeled to as [Approve/Reject]. This simple change has resulted in an improvement in user acceptance.
  • Earlier versions did not allow the deletion of archived documents by Site Owners. This activity was reserved for the Site Collection Administrators. Now, site owners can perform this function.
  • Earlier, a new capability was introduced with respect to Export Compliance Restriction – re: reader access to documents. Now, when enabled at the site settings level, a default can be set up for new draft documents.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed issue related to [Save and Request Approval]. It was only showing in the bottom of the edit form for draft documents.
  • Fixed issue related with “Visio files displayed abnormal behavior when the pdf settings are enabled”. This is related to the document rendering functionality and is now resolved.
  • An issue is fixed related with “when a new version of document is uploaded over existing draft or issued document and file renaming option is enabled”.



  • A significant improvement has been made with respect to the idea of Intersite Training.  Scenario: In a multi-site deployment, consider the following requirement. Site 1 has documents, courses including tests where employees in sites 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc need to be trained thru the Site 1 system and possibly vice-versa.  In the simple case of this design, the corporate site may have training needs that drive out to all sites of the Corporation. Earlier versions of PeopleQuest did not have a means to handle this particular need. The design changes to PeopleQuest handles this requirement elegantly. For more information, please contact
  • Several changes to the test management in PeopleQuest were implemented – including changes to tests creation, editing and taking assignments, better handling of open questions, short answer questions and  changes to the user interface and security
  • Added new flags in personnel records – status (active, archived, obsolete) and on leave, added changes to logic and controls (pages and pickers) regarding these flags. For example: only active personnel who are not on leave receive reminder mails for training.



In order to maximize speed of operations, several design changes have been implemented for ProjectQuest:

  • The system controls for ProjectQuest have now been separated into its own list. This has been implemented to “accommodate” a design issue in SharePoint. This effort will be extended to all modules – DocuQuest, PeopleQuest etc. In future releases Ver 7,8 etc, you will see implementation of this idea for all the modules
  • Removed many-to-many links between project categories and task templates. Tasks are now created for a single category
  • A new feature called Functional Responsibility has been added. Consult with how this can be used to better manage project task assignments.
  • Deletion of a project category in system controls now deletes the template tasks in system controls.
  • Phases are removed as  separate type and they are not considered as a “task type” – with due dates, responsibility etc
  • Project management capabilities such as auto scheduling and dependences are now included – see this document for further details - Click here
  • Two Key dates has been included for better project management. In some organizations, key date 1 can be set to =  PPAP Submission date and Key date 2 can be set to = Start of Production ( SOP). Several items of automation are computed around these dates. For more information, please contact
  • Deletion of project plan now deletes the tasks in the project
  • Better project team management by using the Functional responsibility feature.
  • Complete rewritten Gantt charts – better UI, filtering, collapse/expand, export to xls
  • Better top management, project managers views  including phase summary view, projects overview view , summary charts and several new views in project tasks list
  • Added auto scheduling logic of project and project tasks, automatic calculation of percent complete for projects and related phases
  • Added task dependencies for project tasks - allowing tasks to start after the dependent tasks are completed.

New Product Releases

SafetyQuest Release 1 to select clients. Please contact if you are interested in participating in our initial release.

PRRQuest Release 1 – beta period will be over by July 30. Release 2 is scheduled to be included in ISOQuest Ver Contact for further information.

 If you have any queries or require training in any of the changes to the system, please contact

The GQI Group
Gen 4 Dev Team.