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ISOQuest Release Notes Ver

ISOQuest Release Notes - Changes

Sunday, September 11, 2011 6:16:07 PM



  • Intersite FrontPage Function: An important feature request has been implemented with respect to “multisite” interaction in DocuQuest. Organizations (particularly those who use GQI’s internet SharePoint servers) wishing for employees in one site to access documents in another sites without “first providing user access” for each employee can now do this without loss of security and with ease.
    • Consider this scenario: An employee ( or all employees) in Sites X, Y and Z are interested in accessing all documents or a set of documents in Site A. Standard SharePoint security would require providing “reader access” to such employees in sites X,Y and Z. This is often a “cumbersome task” and requires potentially unnecessary administrator time and attention.
    • We have solved this issue elegantly.
    • For more details on implementation, please contact support at
  • Anonymous AD FrontPage Access for authenticated workstations : Continuing with the theme of unfettered access for employees who have already logged on to a company’s local private network, our global clients with worldwide sites have requested for “less burdensome” procedures for “all employees” to have unfettered access to FrontPages across multi-sites.

    • Consider the scenario: ISOQuest is deployed globally in a multi-site environment. Access is thru Active Directory within the company’s firewall.
    • Employee X is a general AD user and wishes to access the FrontPage or a single document or a set of documents of any site “without the ISOQuest Administrator” first providing reader access. How can this be done securely?
    • We have solved this problem elegantly without loss of security. Please consult support at for deployment review.
  • Speed Improvements: Several technical changes have been made to optimize the access of System Controls items resulting in speed improvements. This particularly impacts “larger” deployments where users list for example may exceed 5000 in one site alone. For further discussions on this item, please contact support at
  • Earlier versions did not allow the edit or revision of a document by the Site Owners. This activity was reserved for the Site Collection Administrators (for edit/revise operations) and the relevant document owner and record administrators (for revise operation). Now, site owners can perform these functions in DocuQuest.
  • Earlier versions did not allow the Site Owners to change the training type of a document without going thru a revision operation. This activity was reserved for the Site Collection Administrators. Now, site owners can perform this function in DocuQuest.
  • In deployments involving “larger” number of FrontPage links – example 2000 links in one deployment – the FrontPage was responding slowly. Changes have been implemented to improve the user experience when working with a large number of links
  • Based on client feedback, the default for the language input for Associated Files in a document is now English – previously it was set to alphabetical and Chinese was the first language selected.
  • Version Comments Workflow: Significant improvement to the Version comments workflow has been implemented. Previously, version comments could only be entered when the document is “manually” checked in or if the MS Office/ISOQuest document update operation was in play. Now, in addition to the existing places where version comments may be inserted, version comments can be added whenever a document is submitted for approval.

    • Note: In a future release, the version comments field in SharePoint will be manipulated to output a more robust “Revision comments” feature with improved workflow to better satisfy Document Controllers. This will be done to accommodate and work around the inherent limitations of version comment deployment in SharePoint.

Issue Fixes:

  • We have discovered in large single deployments (typically large user bases >5000 and large number of documents > 15,000) an error in the user interface occured when a document was manually issued. This has been resolved.
  • It was reported that when the document owner security = member and version comments are entered, the said version comments are lost when the document is approved and issued. This has been resolved.
  • Bug: when a document was manually archived, it failed to remove pending training records. This is resolved.
  • In some deployments where the area field (sub-department) is set to be “required” and it is left blank and a save attempt is made on the document, a raw unfriendly SharePoint message was presented to the user. This is now resolved and a friendlier message is provided to the user.
  • A minor spelling error on the word “initiated” was present in the subject line for Approval Requests. This is now resolved.
  • Pending reviews in my department for AD users specifically did not present a filtered set of documents for the relevant department. This is now resolved.



  • A significant improvement has been made to the Training Records search filter criteria. The search now allows for employee status to be selected – active, inactive, on leave, archived and obsolete.
  • An enhancement has been made to the test creation and security system including the migration process of tests from Gen 3 to Gen 4. A test now has a “test author” which is auto-calculated as the user creating the test and user selectable multiple test administrators. This facility provides for security and notification when short answers are submitted.
  • In order to optimize the design of ISOQuest, the System Controls for PeopleQuest has been moved to its own list.

Issue Fixes:

  • In previous versions, test answers were sorted alphabetically. This is now corrected so that test answers are displayed in the order it is created - unless test answer randomization has been enabled in site settings.
  • In previous versions, the training records web part included “suspended” training records. This is now resolved.
  • Minor adjustments to language have been made to site settings description to allow for improved clarity.

PRRQuest Release 2:

This new module is now effectively production released.

New Product Releases:

SupplierQuest: Release 1 – beta. Contact for further information.

SafetyQuest Release 1 continues in its beta period.

APQPQuest Release 1 is scheduled for Version

Supplier Portal Release 1 is scheduled for Version

If you have any queries or require training in any of the changes to the system, please contact


The GQI Group

Gen 4 Dev Team.