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ISOQuest Release Notes Ver

ISOQuest Release Notes Ver - Changes

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 3:29:02 AM


  • An archival schedule for documents has been created. This is useful if you wish to automatically remove a document from issued status to archived status based on a defined future date or an interval of days after the document is issued.
  • ISOQuest now supports active and inactive users for both types of users – AD and membership (NON-AD). This means that employees who are no longer with the company can have their status changed to inactive status (archived, obsolete, on leave etc).  this affects workflow and training notifications and active personnel picker lists.
  • An improvement is made to the department picker to display the full list of departments immediately after the dialog is loaded thus eliminating a redundant search or click.
  • An improvement is made when the site settings allow the control, to permit a document owner to “manually issue a document without approval"  – previously it was allowed for site owners only. This control if not desired can be turned off in Site Settings.
  • A new status "Waiting approval (Rejection)" added to approval status field to specifically inform readers that while the approval is not yet complete, at least one approver has rejected the document
  • An improvement has been made to the menu system for draft documents where a user may submit the document for approval without editing the document – a [Request Approval ] button in the draft display form has been added. Previously, a document can only be submitted for approval while in edit mode.
  • An improvement has been added where in some cases the training type associated with a document may be changed without editing the document. This allows processing on multiple documents and is only available to site administrators.
  • The migration tool has been improved to set the approval status of migrated documents to approval status = Approved for issued and archived documents. Previously, the approval status for migrated documents was set to “Approval Not requested”
  • A specialized workflow re: document security is added to handle Export Compliance requirements - an Export Compliance Restricted" workflow role added. For details on how to implement this feature, contact GQI Support.
  • Third party document rendering tools have been upgraded.


  • An improvement has been made to add the option to retake a test from My Returned Assignments list
  • An improvement has been made to implement a [Select All button] in Training Records list. This is useful in quickly selecting all displayed records on a page
  • A significant option has been implemented to add Completed and Uncompleted Training Records. This has tremendous workflow efficiencies with respect to training records management and mass update of training records with file attachments. Please discuss this enhancement with GQI Support personnel to learn more.
  • Department administrators now have rights to create job definition for the departments they are assigned to as administrators.
  • Significant improvement in speed of processing has been achieved when editing a job requirement  as this operation has live lookups to the DocuQuest Site.
  • In some environments where there are MANY documents associated with a job, listing job requirements results in speed issues as live look ups to the DocuQuest site often resulted in speed degradation. Redesign of this has resulted in significant speed improvements.
  • New install of PeopleQuest now has appropriate defaults loaded ( site settings, dashboard web parts etc)
  • Previously, when a test is assigned to a document or a course and the test is not found and the Take Training is clicked, the training record updates without a message to the user.  A message is now presented to the user to contact the system administrator.
  • Minor enhancements have been made to the test add/edit form check boxes and delete button.
  • A new prompt is presented to the user when training records are deleted – previously there was no prompt.
  • Improvement has been made to background capturing to report how many times a test is taken. A further improvement is underway to provide management reports on the performance of tests across the organization.
  • New search capabilities have been added for  searching job requirements
  • Improvements have been made to the My department ( admin) - training records selection

If you have any queries or require training in any of the changes to the system, please contact

Gen 4 Dev Team.