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ISOQuest Release Notes for Version

Monday, March 05, 2012 8:25:21 AM


Bug fixes:

• In rare cases, Issued Documents Stuck in Drafts Folder. Sometimes documents do not get Issued after they have been Approved, and they end up "stuck" in the Drafts folder.
• In rare cases, document status remains "Waiting for approval" even when all approvers have already approved
• Periodic Review list shows documents that are marked for review incorrectly
• In DocuQuest Advanced Search, the Document Type picker is empty
• When a document is Archived the user was redirected back to the home page collection of sites.
• Associated files were not always removed from the FrontPage when deleted from the properties page
• Width of several search editor controls fixed – layout in edit and new forms is better now.
• Performance issues in approval workflows when setting permissions on tasks are fixed.
• Search box now accepts Enter key to start searching (without the need to click the search icon)

New features and enhancements:

• Setting to stop Parallel Approvals on first rejection
- A new page is added, called Approval Settings in Site Settings. This page holds a setting to enable completion of Parallel Approval on first rejection. By default this setting is disabled.
- Parallel approval workflow is modified so it takes this setting into account and completes on first rejection if this setting is enabled. Approval tasks for the approvers who had not taken action on them will be deleted and e-mails will be sent to those approvers that their approval tasks are cancelled.
• All modules' tabs appear on the same row, including DocuQuest and FrontPage. Before, when the DocuQuest tab was clicked, only DocuQuest and FrontPage tabs appeared and all other modules were hidden. This is rather confusing for users and is a welcomed change to our users.
• Create a List that shows who has Pending Approval for a document
- “Pending Approvers” field is implemented; it is accessible from list view settings. A default view named "Pending approvals" is available
- This feature works only for documents that were sent for Approval after the upgrade
• Document Profile
- This is a SharePoint feature which, once activated, will remove the current functionality from Document Types and create a new field in document properties - Document Profile. Sites will not be able to go back to the previous design.
- Document Profile is an advanced tool to enable the rapid creation of a document.
- This feature is not enabled by default. If interested, please consult with
• DocuQuest Members can change the owner for their own Issued documents
- The Change Owner function is available from the Actions menu when the My Documents view is selected
• On FrontPage, clicking on a document under revision displays a message indicating that the document is currently under revsion, alerting the user to use caution when using the issued document
• Set department from System Controls Personnel item to department of SharePoint user
- The department name of each user will show up correctly in user search field dialogs and pickers
• Forgotten password configuration – configuration is added to define an e-mail address to receive forgotten forgotten password requests in case a valid department administrator for the requesting user cannot be found. More descriptive error messages on forgotten password page are added
• In the document properties field, Misc remarks is now renamed to Revision Comments.



Bug fixes:

• In some cases, PeopleQuest did not retreive the latest version of a Document and created Training Requirements for an earlier version.
• Training Status was, in some cases, calculated incorrectly
• In some cases, due to server load, Tests were not attached to training records
• Actual Completion Date was not properly recorded when recording Group Training
• After editing a Job Definition, user was redirected to System Controls start page. Now the user is directed to the previous page

New features and enhancements:

• Remove the option to take Quick Training. Instead, the user is now taken to the Take Training page, where they can read the attached documents prior to taking their agreement or test training.
• Layout enhancements in the Training Records Search screen
• Find Job Requirements by Documents
- Users are able to find a document and display the Job Requirements for this documents
- First stage of the upgrade is installed, another major release is pending
• Training Records are created only on Document Revision, and not on editing document properties
• Department field in Job Requirements Add/Edit is removed. Department field was a read-only field for information purposes, but was confusing for users. Please note, this now allows the department filed to be filtered as a column in Job Requirements views.
• Advanced Search in Tests. Tests can now be searched by Author, Title, Group, Document Title, Document Ref.No
• Change the Department field to Single (in both Job Definitions and Job Requirements). This allows users to filter the Department column in those lists
• Check if Document is archived before unsuspending Training Record. Provide feedback to the user that the training record cannot be unsuspended
• User Status for PeopleQuest Profiles - for Active and Archived users
- Default view in PeopleQuest profiles now shows only Active users
- Status dropdown in the Personnel Profile search dialog. Select from Active, Active (Incl. On Leave), Archived, Obsolete, All
• Create Training for all active employees by using Training Records Add
- There is a checkbox in the Training Records Add page that allows adding non-required training records to all active personnel at once
• Suspend/unsuspend re-computes the target completion date. When you unsuspend a Training Record, it used the old target completion date and hence the training status would immediately show "Overdue" or "Seriously Overdue"
• In PeopleQuest Search, when "All Suspended" option is selected, set "Hide Suspended Records" to No
• In PeopleQuest Tests, when calculating test results, floating point arithmetic is being replaced with fixed-point, to avoid edge cases. Timer interval is set to 1 min.
• Training Records Search lists records sorted by Ref. No
• Option in Training Records web part on the Dashboard to show only self-service training (Agreement and Test).
• Display Message for Non-Self Service Training – “This Training Record can only be updated by your Supervisor or a Training Record Administrator”
• Sort all document pickers by Ref.No
• Add revision comments in the Training Records properties page
• When a document is Archived, mark associated test as Archived
• Sort Training Records list by Ref.No alphabetical
• New Option in the Training Records Search screen - Show only the latest document version in Training Records Search


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• APQPQuest Release - beta

If you have any queries or require training in any of the changes to the system, please contact

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